Meal Tray 8 CP Plastic Disposable Food Tray Manufacturer from Mumbai

Plastic disposable food tray products are frequently used in our everyday lives. Perhaps, you just used one during your lunch break. For plastic disposable food tray wholesalers, is good place to start. Our food packaging trays are biodegradable and disposable.

2023 Hsqy Rectangular Oval Cpet Food Trays Meal Tray Cpet Plastic Food Tray with 3 Compartments

Engineering, design, 3D printing, reverse engineering, assembly and prototyping services are offered. Serves the automotive, architecture, aerospace, electronics, medical and shipping industries. Manufacturer of standard and custom nestable food and produce trays. Made from corrugated plastic, trays are durable, washable, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Jeward Plastic Injection Mould

Offering you a complete choice of products which include meal thalis trays, 4cp meal tray, 8 portion meal tray, 5 cp meal tray, 3cp meal tray and 2cp meal tray. Use paper or plastic trays at your snack stand or food truck so customers can take their meals on-the-go and simply throw out the container when they’re done. We also carry disposable deli trays and absorbent pads that are ideal for deli counters and butcher shops that package and sell cuts of meat. Custom manufacturer of food packaging and part handling trays. Made from ABS, acrylic, polystyrene, polypropylene, urethane, composite, wood and thermoset materials. Capabilities include vacuum forming, thin or heavy gauge thermoforming, 5-axis CNC routing and die cutting.

How to use disposable food trays

In order to keep pace with the never-ending demands of customers, we are involved in offering a wide range of8 Compartment Rectangular Meal Tray With Lid. Have you ever experienced leaks or spills from your favorite soup order? Hard plastic soup bowls are suitable for you and your customers who are on the same page.

They are also easy to sterilize and are resistant to bacteria, which helps to maintain food safety. Overall, disposable CPET trays are a popular and effective choice for food packaging applications due to their strength, clarity, and ability to maintain food safety. They are also widely recycled, which makes them an environmentally-friendly packaging option. Ningbo Linhua Plastic Co., Ltd is a China Disposable CPET Tray Manufacturers and Disposable CPET Food Tray Suppliers. Our product range includes kinds of tray and container like EVOH barrier tray, rolled edge tray, VSP tray etc., different types of cups like airline cup, portion cup, drinking cup/lids etc., and also cutleries.

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